Research: The .22 Short

After my initial  gun post, and the discussion, I went and did some digging. I’m currently on an extended vacation at my inlaw’s house in rural Arkansas. After questioning my father-in-law about the .22 short, he explained that they aren’t illegal, but are in fact hard to find. He spend his boyhood shooting a .22 short rifle.

Comparison of the .22 short, .22 Long, and .22 Long Rifle

He tells me that, at some point, the .22 short became more expensive than the long, so most people started shooting the long instead, and then of course, the long rifle. The short is indeed, very quiet. As you can see, the case is smaller than the Long and the Long Rifle. Both the Long and Long Rifle share a casing, but the Long Rifle’s bullet is larger. Anyway, back to the short.

I asked him if he had any ammo for comparison.( as you can see, he did) He proceeded to take a rifle out of the corner of his reloading room, and a short.

Boy was it quiet. it’s a snap, like dropping one of those snap-caps on the ground that you used to be able to buy in stores. My wife and mother were in the sitting room just inside the house and didn’t hear a thing.

While the .22 short isn’t illegal, it is most certainly hard to come by, and super quiet. If you put a silencer on something that fired it, you wouldn’t hear a thing.


7 thoughts on “Research: The .22 Short

  1. Damn, this was awesome to see. Thanks for posting it! I’m excited. I’ll be showing this to my father the next time I see him…if I remember.

    And yes Brandon, for some reason enthusiasts are just considered nuts, I must say though that I say the term with a sense of reverence because like Drew, I too am a gun nut.

    I don’t own many–can’t afford them–but I’m not afraid to shoot anytype of weapon and I get a thrill out of them. They are impressive pieces of machinery that need to be respected and I wish I owned more of them.

    Thanks again Drew, this was an awesome topic and was a part of a great day for me. Good stuff.

  2. Glad I could be of service. 🙂 I own only a couple as well, but have access to many through the guy in the vid. I’m hoping to add a few more to my collection in the future. Maybe I’ll add “gun nut” to my about section, lol.

  3. Reblogged this on The Writer's Codex and commented:
    So I wanted to share this post from Drew, its a topic that I brought to his attention after he made a post about how writers often get guns wrong. Needless to say that he went the extra mile. He basically did scientific research on whether what I had to say was correct or not.

    This guy gets mad props from mainly because he got the gun-nut in me super excited. It makes me wonder if I could find some .22 shorts–not that I have any real use for them, but it would be cool to have them…just saying.

    So give it up for Drew. Oh and he’s got what looks to be like a really cool kindle book that definitely fits right in with the thriller genre. I’m excited for it and if I get the chance to read it, which I am hoping to do, I’ll also be doing a review right here on my blog…I’m sure Drew won’t mind–especially if I have nice things to say.

    Hey Drew, you don’t mind do you?

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