A Funny Story…

This was humorous to me, and I hope it is to you as well. I’m using this blog to document my experience with self pubbing, and everything that comes with it. I’m still learning the ropes of the business end of things, taking notes from people such as JA Konrath http://jakonrath.blogspot.com/, this person who calls himself Passive guy www.thepassivevoice.com, and a few others. Now, I just listed my book two days ago.

(you can get the book, called THE BROTHERHOOD, here)  I bought my first copy, so I could read it on as many kindles and apps as I could, to make sure the book looked proper. Almost immediately, I sold a second copy. My book is priced at 2.99. Now this isn’t going to be some story about how many thousands of copies I’ve sold. I’ve only sold 2 in 2 days. my copy, and one other. I have spent the last couple days setting up a blog, a website, facebook page, twitter account, and working on my new book, not to mention finding other writers to follow on the blog and twitter.

The funny thing has nothing to do with any of that. About an hour ago, my sister-in-law contacted me via FB. and had this to say. “a small world. My brother’s ex-wife just messaged me and said she was halfway through your book and loved it. She did not realize you were (name deleted)’s brother. of course, I freaked out. Now, I thought perhaps it was some sort of mistake. I use a pseudonym (who doesn’t?) but it’s actually so close to my real name to be almost negligible. What it does is separate me from all the other people on amazon with my name. And believe me, there are tons. If you look on amazon, currently I’m the only Drew Merten on there.  So I questioned her to make sure that she hadn’t downloaded someone elses book. Sure enough, she hadn’t she’d bought the only copy I’ve sold in two days, the same day it came out. That just goes to show it really is a small world. Also, I’m hoping that it means two things.

A: My book really is good. I’m assuming it’s not horrible, since someone I don’t even know likes it.

B: My cover is as catchy as I think it is. Since the only feedback I’ve gotten up to this point is my wife’s, mother-in-law’s, and my dad’s, I can’t be sure. But if it was enough to make someone pick up an unknown novel at the going price of 2.99 and love it, I’m going with it must not be horrible either.


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