Oh, the distractions…

Lots of distractions today. Dog woke me at 4am and needed to go out, then again at 8 am. I didn’t get to bed until later than usual due to being a bit keyed up, not sure why.

Father-in-law wanted to go to the library and asked me to go. Naturally I agreed (how can I turn down books?) and went for about an hour.
The thing I’m discovering is that there’s always something else I can be doing. I re-did the banner for my facebook page, edited my book and short story blurbs, and some other odds and ends. I bugged all my facebook friends to like my page (still need about ten likes) and then finally got around to writing. Got stopped again by the wife (love you honey!) to run to the store. Sat, wrote a bit more, now grilling a pork loin for dinner. So far today, with all the distractions, I’ve done 2500 words, or about three short chapters. I’m still on track to hit my 4k, will be writing after dinner and my evening swim. How about you? Did you hit your goals for today?


6 thoughts on “Oh, the distractions…

  1. I put in for about 1600 this morning, but I’m looking forward to banging out about that amount again tonight before going to bed. That’ll put me ahead of schedule decently. By the way, good to see you at 20%…just got to do that four more times man!

  2. @ Craig good to see you on here! Time to start your own blog, hehe.
    @ Codex: I’m back to writing for the evening. Another 800 words to go. Want to have this one done by the end of the month. Here’s hoping 🙂

  3. Hey, Drew. I don’t have daily goals, I have weekly goals and I don’t usually go by word count (usually its the number of completed scenes or pages). I actually have shifted my goals over the last few weeks as I refine my writing process, which reminds me, I shifted them again about five days ago and need to write them down somewhere. Thanks for reminding me!

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