Smashed words, Formats, and a Ramble.

So tonight after more than a few
attempts, I managed to get my book uploaded to Smashwords. I lost track of how many times, after getting thoroughly frustrated with it. Turns out, its easier than their stupid guide makes it sound, at least for novel writers. I think whoever thought that guide was a good idea either smoked crack, wrote haynes motorcycle manuals (worthless!) or smoked crack AND wrote haynes motorcycle manuals. The guide is NOT straight forward or as easy as they try to make it sound. It needs to be broken into segments based on what you’re trying to do. Novel? Here’s your version.
The biggest help they had on there were two manuscripts that were formatted properly. Those were a bigger help than the guide.
Once I figured out one small detail (msword 2007 doesn’t show the extension when you try to save a document, so instead of a .docx it says “microsoft word document) i was able to upload it. The one error I ran into at that point, is that Smashwords has its own catalog of books, and a “premium” catalog. The regular smashwords one is not as stringent as the premium one, and you need to include their front matter. For example, copyright blah blah, smashwords edition. Once I included that, everything uploaded fine. I’m now past the auto vetting part, and waiting for submission into the premium catalog.
The premium catalog is how you get your books on Sony, Barns and Noble, etc but the book has to pass a higher bar.
I might write a longer post later, explaining how exactly to format a novel, including screenshots. In the mean time though, the steeple house calls.


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