Why I’m grateful.

So I’ve been absent from my blog for awhile, and I’m sure none of you have been wondering what I’ve been up to,except all you spammers that love filling my box with drivel, fun stuff such as “I loved your post. it was very relevant to the situation” or something like that. I love getting those. I almost laugh every time I read one. This isn’t going to be a very long post, just sort of a “hey, I’m not dead” kind of thing.

I’ve been busy. I get up in the morning, walk two miles with my wife, and then try to write my usual 4,000 words. It normally takes me 40 minutes for a two mile walk, sometimes a little less, or a little more depending on how I feel. I’ve been feeling pretty good lately. Walking makes me feel like I’m not so cooped up, like I don’t spend half my day or more in a room in front of a keyboard trying to wring words out of my brain like a wet sponge, and hoping they splash onto the screen in the right order.

At this moment in my life, I am grateful. I’m grateful for a lot of things, some of them might seem strange. I’m grateful that I got fired/laid off from my job, not grateful to the people who did it, but grateful anyway, for the great opportunity I now have, that most people don’t. I’m grateful for my very supportive family, especially my wife, and my father, who have helped me in more ways than I’ll say here.

I’m grateful that I have not had to erase much this time around. Most of the time the words seem right on the page, even after I come back and read them the next day, and I’m grateful, thankful that I’m not having to struggle at the moment, not having to beat my head against the keyboard, or hurl it across the room in frustration because the words won’t come. Writing has become a way of life for me, something I get up and do without needing the boss to flog me. I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn (I do though, because my dogs wake me up), I don’t have to go into a place where I’m not appreciated no matter how much or how little I do.

A little update on my book: It’s currently at 50,000. In a week from now it will be finished and off to the editor.

Mostly I just wanted to say, that I’m still here, still breathing, and I’m grateful for that, too.



5 thoughts on “Why I’m grateful.

  1. Hey Drew, I thought I’d comment, being in the same boat and all. The extra time is good when laid off, and I can appreciate that. I’m glad all is going well for you right now, so good luck with the next layer of edits and I hope it works out for you. The comment about how much or how little you did is how I felt. I swear work places, for the most part, don’t care about morale anymore, it’s a misunderstood element to the workplace that not enough people focus on.

    1. It’s a horrible feeling to know that your employer, who is in charge of your well-being (in the form of a paycheck) is only concerned with the bottom dollar. We had a fun meeting once, where, after the store manager got back from Vegas, was to give us some feedback on a survey the company had taken. It was “voluntary” of course, but the store manager would get in trouble if he didn’t make sure all of us filled it out. (huh?)
      The results of said feedback, was to let us all know that even though the majority of us felt that our job security was uncertain, that we didn’t feel secure in our work, it was our job to do more so that we would feel secure. Again, huh? It’s basically what you said, they don’t care about morale. They don’t seem to realize that if their employees are happy in what they do, their company will become better overall, and will make tons of money, which is the point right?
      Employers provide a service, and their employees should be their number one customer. But I thank God I’m no longer counted in those numbers.

      1. Yeah, I need a paying job, but I don’t look forward to that aspect of it again because I know how few companies out there actually know how to handle morale and what it can do for them.

  2. Drew, its good to see you back. I was getting ready to ping you as I hadn’t seen you around. Good to be grateful. There’s a lot we take for granted, isn’t it? I haven’t had a real job in almost two years. Just little part time stuff. Writing keeps me going too, though no one seems to understand that (‘cept you guys). Thanks for letting us know you are alive!

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