The End, for all its worth.

As I stated in my past post (at least, I think I did) I’ve been strangely absent. Well, perhaps not strangely. I have, in fact, been hard at work, which is what I should be doing. There are other well known bloggers that rail against spending too much time doing the social media thing, especially for new authors who only have a single book to their name, and so I tend to try to follow in the footsteps of those who’ve gone before, and focus on my work.

 Besides, hanging out being social means I’m not locked in my closet doing the work. (I don’t really work in a closet, but I digress)

I’m coming up on the end of my second novel, entitled Confessor. Immediately after, I will launch into a sequel, that is only partially gelled. Before that, I will apply my somewhat limited creative talent making a cover for it. The cover, depending on what I come up with, will probably take me anywhere from three days to a week to finish it. Meanwhile, the book will (hopefully) be at the editors, getting worked over like a punch-drunk boxer on the ropes. (Sorry. Really bad example. I’m tired.)

I took a little bit different of a path while writing this book. I did my usual sketch of an outline, but a good bit of content deviated from it, which is fine by me. I don’t need to be told every little twist and turn, just a starting point, and sometimes, and ending.  I think this book is infinitely better than my first, although that’s probably just author subjectivity at work.

This book will probably end around 70,000, give or take. it sits at 62,000 some currently. Today was a marathon, I wrote about 5,000 starting at about noon, and working almost non-stop until four. That’s a heavy day for me. As I’ve stated elsewhere, I usually aim for 4k.

I think I stated elsewhere that I’m using a program called Libre Office to format this one as a test. I formerly used Microsoft Office, but as I’m in the process of weeding out all MS products, that one was the first to go. Once I’m sure my formatting works, I’ll post it here for anyone interested. I don’t want to do it yet, in case it doesn’t work, and I’m forced back into MS.

If anyone has questions about the formatting, I’d be glad to answer. Feel free to shoot me an email or comment here. it’s not as hard as “they” would have you believe.





3 thoughts on “The End, for all its worth.

  1. Wait. So, you’re not leaving forever, right? I like reading your blog because it inspires me as a young writer (is young the right word? early maybe? newly minted? immature?).

    Whatever you do, I wish you all the best. Keep up the great work and I look forward to when you have time to post again!

    1. No, I’m definitely not going anywhere. The title just denotes that I’m reaching the end of my work in progress. Perhaps it’s misleading? 🙂 I enjoy writing the blog, and as soon as I complete the draft of this book (probably in the next two-three days) I will return to posting on a semi-regular basis. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog as well, and will continue to do so. Thanks for responding.

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