Trade Paperback Proofs

Trade Paperback Proofs


While I have a moment in between working on new chapters, hanging out with the inlaws for the holidays, and just general lounging, I thought I’d give you a preview of the upcoming paperback version of Confessor. The cover turned out nicer than I thought. There are just a couple of internal things I need to tweak but nothing major.


The photos aren’t as good as I would like, but you get the idea.

Overall I’m completely happy with how it turned out. CreateSpace does an awesome job. The book is bound well, shouldn’t fall apart in your hands after several read throughs (I’ve read all the books I own multiple times, lol). Honestly, it feels great to actually have a physical book. Well, back to slaving away. Hope everyone has a good holiday.


Formatting for CreateSpace

Formatting for CreateSpace

Using open source software for anything can, at times, be tricky. Mostly that stems from the fact that everyone follows Microsoft, even though not everyone can afford their programs. I won’t get too deep into the whole open versus closed software debate here, although I am clearly opinionated on the whole topic. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to use open source software, ranging from hate of Microsoft, to just wanting an inexpensive way to do things. Anyone who knows me knows I both hate Microsoft, and hate paying bloated prices for software.


Here’s the template I used for my book Confessor. Credit goes to its main author,

This is only for CreateSpace use, I’ll go into Kindle formatting in a different post. While this template only says it’s for 5×8, I found it easy enough to change the page size and gutter. I matched the gutter to CreateSpace’s MS Word template (which doesn’t work well in LibreOffice, the main reason I went with this template) and had no issues. On Edward’s blog, he lists directions that have to be followed in order for it to work. It took me a little bit to figure out how it worked. Basically the template comes with styles, so here’s a walk through on how it works.

Here’s what the title page looks like. You just change the title to whatever you want, change the font, etc. Same with the stuff on the left.

For the first two chapters, you just copy your own text, highlight the “your text here” text, and paste over it. Easy enough. Again, change the chapter heading to whatever font you want, rename it to One, ONE, chapter 1, whatever.

At the end of your chapter 2 text, leave your cursor at the end of it and, at the top of the page, navigate to Insert>manual break>page break, then click OK.

This is where the page styles come in. On the new blank page, right-click and select Paragraph. This window will pop up. Select the Text Flow tab, then make sure the Insert and With Page Style are checked. Then in the drop box under the type, select First Page Of Chapter. Then commence copy and pasting your next chapter in.

Repeat this step with every chapter.

Stay tuned for my (hopefully) next post on formatting for Kindle. I also tried some specialty things, like using jpegs for chapter headers, but I’m still waiting for proofs to see how they turn out. I’ll keep you posted.

That’s all there is to it. Most of what I’ve read on formatting seems to either assume you’re a rocket scientist, or a programmer. This way, you don’t need to be either.  Feel free to check out the template and post your questions/comments below. Don’t forget to check out Edward’s blog as well. Happy formatting!

Books, Linux, and assorted news

My book giveaway went great. I wound up extending my free book giveaway through Saturday.  I had 251 downloads in the US, 35 in the UK, and 3 in Germany. I’m sure my numbers won’t stand up to many other writers, but for a first time out, I’m very happy with it. I don’t have anything to compare it to, so I’m interested in hearing from other indy authors t see if they have had similar results. I also finished proofing the paperback version of the book, so I will announce it when it goes live.

I’ve been planning on writing a series of posts on e-publishing on Linux, using only open source tools such as LibreOffice and gimp, among other things. Over the last few months I’ve (hopefully) learned everything I need to know about formatting. I also did some extensive work with gimp for covers, so I should have plenty to write about in the coming weeks, haha. Indy publishing has been a huge learning experience for me, and I’m still trying to figure out the ins and outs. Everything in its time, of course.

You will probably see some more posts unrelated to writing. While I love talking about writing, and will continue to share things as I learn them, I don’t want to get burned out just talking about that. So expect some deviations.

I have a Youtube channel in the works that I’m putting together with a good friend of mine. More on that as it gets formulated.

That’s all I have for now, hope everyone has a safe Thanksgiving and Black Friday 🙂


Confessor: FREE on AMAZON

Update: It’s available now!

Yes, you heard right. Tomorrow morning  (12:00 am Pacific time to be exact), the kindle version of my thriller, Confessor, will be absolutely free. If you don’t have a kindle, don’t worry. You can get either the Kindle app for your phone or tablet or PC, or you can read via Amazon’s cloud reader. If you’re curious what kind of stuff I write, or just looking for something new to check out, now is the perfect time. I’d also be interested in hearing from anyone who’s read it or wants to review it. you can find it here:


Confessor: book one.

So I finished my second book, which can be found (copy and paste for now, link is broken for some reason) . It is the first in a series.There is both a trade paperback version and an ebook. For the paperback version I went through CreateSpace, an Amazon print on demand company. I’m sure most people know about this, but if not, it’s not a vanity press. I don’t have to pay them up front to print my book, they take their cut when someone purchases one. I am also testing the waters with KDP Select, and will be offering a free download of the book soon, so stay tuned!