Confessor: book one.

So I finished my second book, which can be found (copy and paste for now, link is broken for some reason) . It is the first in a series.There is both a trade paperback version and an ebook. For the paperback version I went through CreateSpace, an Amazon print on demand company. I’m sure most people know about this, but if not, it’s not a vanity press. I don’t have to pay them up front to print my book, they take their cut when someone purchases one. I am also testing the waters with KDP Select, and will be offering a free download of the book soon, so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Confessor: book one.

    1. Hey dan,

      I tried Smashwords on my first book, and honestly I didn’t like how it chews up the formatting. I suppose that’s why they call their auto format program “meat grinder”. I want to test the kindle select program to see if offering the book free occasionally will boost my overall sales. From what I’ve read, it will, but I didn’t bother with it the first time around. The great thing about being an indy author is freedom to experiment, so that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll keep you posted on my results, and also make a post when it goes free so anyone reading this thing can download it. I’m currently proofing the paperback version now, so that should be ready in a couple days.

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