It has been 4 Years since I posted anything in this space, and a lot has happened. 2 parents passed away (my dad and my wife’s dad). We had our first child after fifteen years of trying, hoping, and praying. 

He is almost 8 months now, an amazing ball of energy that keeps us smiling as we watch his progress with pride only parents could have for basic things like laughing, rolling over, and the very beginnings of an army crawl that keep us recording him with anticipation.

We moved, having decided that we needed to be closer to the only parent either of us had left(my wife’s mom), both for our child’s sake and for hers., to hopefully help ease the loss that we both feel.

I have written during the span of time I’ve been away from my blog, but I’ve done some other things as well. I’ve picked up the pencil in order to draw more, and I’ve formed a small media company with a good friend of mine to make games, both card/board games and video games, as well as publish books and some other assorted stuff. You can see the Facebook page here

Some things we have in the works:

  • An educational card game called Flipwords
  • Re-release of my novel, Confessor
  • A 2d space shooter game
  • An as yet named novel, that combines some scifi and fantasy elements. More on that later.

What can you expect to see in this space going forward?  More content, for one. Some reviews of games, more writing/book related stuff, tools of the trade, drawings etc. Stay tuned for more as things move forward, thanks for reading.


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