The Samsung Note5 as a sketching tool 

I decided I was going to draw for at least 30 days straight, and I’m currently 2 weeks in to it. While I’m not afraid to utilize my trusty pencil and paper sketchbooks, I find myself in more situations that make it inconvenient to carry even a small sketchbook and favorite pencil.

Enter the Samsung Galaxy Note5. I have had it for almost a year now. I chose the phone specifically because it had a stylus. There are really only 2 phones on the market that have them, and the LG Stylo (I think it’s called) really isn’t an option. That phone only has a poking device, no sensitivity. 

The Note5, on the other hand, can do some pretty great things as far as art is concerned. The stylus is very precise, it is a bit small but since I primarily use if for sketching I don’t find it off putting, especially considering the lack of devices that include some sort of pen.

There’s a wide variety of apps that can be used for drawing. Samsung was nice enough to include a Sketchbook for Galaxy by auto desk, which is still my primary sketch app. I have tried others,but keep returning to this one.

The screen on the phone is a nice 5.7 inches, very large and bright, probably still one of the best on the market.

Battery life: I’m not thrilled with it, but that’s partially because of how I use the phone, and partially because Samsung didn’t put a large enough battery in it. 3000 mAh is kind of small for a phone this size. They fixed that issue in the note7, but since the recall I have not had a chance to test it.

Storage: for most people 32gb is probably be enough. For me it’s definitely not, and I’ve found myself in the position of needing more but having no way to get it. Samsung stupidly didn’t include an SD card slot. While some would argue that it isn’t needed in the age of cloud I beg to differ. I have filled my phone up multiple times with pictures and video (I have my first child), and I also like to load audio books and tutorials. Those take up a lot of space even at the lower resolution, and storage goes quick. This is an issue Samsung fixed with the Note7, but with the recall we are still waiting for it.

Overall: I’m really impressed with the phone. It’s a high quality device, But does have some downsides. If you want a phone you can do art on this will definitely do the job, no question. With the new note7 (re)release the price of this one should drop considerably. If don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for the newest one and can see past the lack of sd card, I would definitely recommend it.


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