Draw a box, part 1

I’ve been working on improving my artwork, which over the years has gotten what I personally consider marginally better. One of my goals for the year was to hopefully make large strides in my understanding of drawing, to the point where I’m fairly comfortable drawing from my mind instead of using a reference.

The main issue I’d been having is knowing what to do to improve, outside of just drawing a lot. You can see what sort of stuff I’ve been doing here. It’s very easy to go all over the place, and I personally haven’t felt that I’ve made very many strides over the last 21 days.

During this month of non-stop drawing I’ve read several books and attempted to work through them, only to get frustrated due to my own lack of understanding of how to apply what I’d read. I’ve played music for many, many,years, and the first thing you learn is the fundamentals. Scales, cords, etc. And you do them over and over and over until you can do them in your sleep. And then you work on different pieces to develop the skill. And somewhere along the way, you just get it. The music flows, you hear a song in your head and your fingers do their thing.

For people with talent, sometimes it happens right away. For most people, just doing the work and having a love for what you’re doing will get you there. Eventually you’ll hear it, and it will flow like water.

I want the same for my drawing. Except that I was never given any scales, or chords. I didn’t move on to pieces that would mold my skill into something useable, so I felt like I was banging away on the piano, able to hear music in my head but never able to get my fingers to express it in the way I wanted.

While I was googling around looking for a book or tutorials that might help I ran across  a website, http://www.drawabox.com that purports to teach in the way that I’m looking for. The basics, with exercises such as the one in my image, among other things drawing lines, circles, eclipses, boxes. The guy that runs it, Irshad Karim, also has a Patreon set up, if you donate anything a month he will do critiques plus there is bonus content. I’ve spent a good amount of time looking through the course on drawabox, and from what I can see its worth a lot more than he’s charging. He’s offering what is essentially a full blown art class for nothing, with art critiques for as low as $1 a month. 

So what does the course include?

First things first. 

Here’s how you hold the pen. Exercises.draw lines, boxes. Ghost lines. Cylinders. Plants. Textures. Organic forms. The human body. Anatomy. Perspective. The list goes on and its a long one, and I’m not sure how long it would take if someone decided to do the whole thing. Maybe a semester in college? Maybe longer. 

I am going to post updates here as I move through it. It should be fun, and I’m looking forward to it. If you ever wanted to learn how to draw, nows your chance. From the website: “Anyone can learn to draw. It’s not some magical talent a few people are born with. It’s a skill you can train.” Here goes.


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