The Plan, Part 1


In my last post, I talked to myself about a plan I was formulating. Everything needs a plan, and writing about it keeps me honest about it, and about any success, or failures I may have along the way.

Phase 1

The first phase of my plan is simple. Restart my author facebook page and get as many people as I can to like it(and hopefully share it).

Fire up my Twitter account (Hense forth it shall be known as Tweeter) and start using it. I don’t know how many people I have following me currently, so while I’m in goal setting mode I will set the modest 2000 as my goal.

Start an e-mailing list. I’ve never done one of these. My plan for this is to offer a free short story in exchange for an email address. That will allow me to send out new book information, sales, and freebies to people who might be interested. There’s a lot that goes into this and I don’t yet understand all of it, but I’m learning.

This is the end of phase 1. getting those things up and running properly will take some time. I’m giving it two weeks from Monday.

Phase 2

Learn facebook ads. Obviously, I’m not talking about a large budget for this. I’ll keep it low to start after I’ve pestered all my current friends and family to help me spread the word.

Expand my mailing list. my initial goal on this is 500. don’t ask where that number came from. I pulled it from the aether. Or my butt, maybe. either way, it showed up in my head just now and I wrote it down, so that must be it. In phase 2, my plan is to grow it to 2000. That’s the limit of the email program I’m using. hopefully, by that point, it will pay for itself, and I can expand the number of emails I can gather.
So, to recap, and because I like bullet points:
Phase 1

  • Launch my author facebook page (done, needs more content)
  • Get the status of Tweeter, gain at least 2000 followers.
  • Start a mailing list and gain a modest sum of 500. (Seriously, I feel very modest. Typing the word modest makes me feel British, for some reason.)
  • In between phases, relaunch book.

Phase 2

  • Build my email list to 2000.
  • Start testing facebook ads.
  • Finish book 2 in the series.
  • More to come.

I will roll out phase 2 once I can Guage (with a capital G) how phase 1 is doing. Except for the book writing. that will be ongoing.

Re-releasing my first book falls somewhere in between phase 1 and 2. I don’t want to re-launch it until I have the email list and short story up and running. You can be sure that once it is, I’ll be pestering all you people.

Quick, run while you can.


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